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Leading with Empathy and Honoring Quality During a Pandemic

EvolveMKD instilled the motto “Be Kind, Don’t Suck” as its doors opened five years ago, and still lives by those words today. As the team members at EvolveMKD navigate the world of media, client needs and overall business partnerships, this narrative plays in their mind similar to the tune of their favorite songs. As the country has been adjusting to a “new normal” amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, not only has Evolve’s motto been held to an even higher standard, but it has become the pillar of empathy to ensure that the Evolve team is not only taking their personal lives and needs into account, but also providing quality work to its clients during a period of unknown. During Social Media Week 2020, the Evolve team attended sessions virtually and were able to get a first look at how executives are recommending the industry adapt during this time. The most important elements put into play and suggested by top Social Media Week speakers are: Treating Employees Like Family When COVID-19 hit the US in full force, EvolveMKD’s CEO, Megan Driscoll, put working from home into effect immediately and scheduled two daily check-ins in order to make sure that the team was doing well mentally and physically. In order to make sure that the team stays positive and clear-minded, Evolve began scheduling weekly virtual workouts and yoga/meditation sessions. The team has also been reminded frequently of their Unlimited PTO and to take mental health days when needed. Taking Control As the team adjusted to a new reality of working from home, Evolve has taken control over anything that is “controllable” during this questionable time, including providing excellent service to clients even from the comfort of a couch. The team has been able to tackle initiating human-first social media content, hosting virtual client events for new product launches, creating and managing materials for FDA approvals and launches, and even securing new business opportunities. Showing Gratitude One key takeaway from Social Media Week is the importance of showcasing a human-first experience in all client initiatives. This time has been a challenge for agencies and clients alike. It’s important for agencies to provide guidance and act as a reliable partner that clients can count on. The best way to be a leader and provide high-touch client service during a time of crisis is to be a human first. We are all living through unprecedented times and are finding common ground where we can, be it through social media or virtual meetings. When a company instills compassion, empathy, and listening into their business model, the best client work comes to fruition.

By: Sherria Cotton & Chelsea Kelsey


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