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Creating Quality Content When You’re on a Budget

Creating quality content is more essential than ever for brands trying to build a strong online and digital presence. The content creation process for social media marketing in particular can seem daunting and expensive, especially for those with a small budget or who are just starting out. These simple tips and tricks can be used to help create content that not only resonates with your target audience, but is also cost efficient. Organization and planning come first with any project. Before creating content, stop and think about what kind of aesthetic and message you are trying to get across and if it is feasible. Some companies outsource content creation to photographers and graphic designers, but being your own content hub is the quickest way to cut costs and ensure that the quality is on brand. Although being a one-stop shop can be time consuming, it won’t be as overwhelming as you think with the right strategies in place. A few strategies to ensure producing content is a success include utilizing the assets, props, and relationships that you already have. Start by sourcing a free-shoot location with a backdrop that is on brand. Instead of an actual shoot location, you may just need to invest in a good light box. Once you have the venue or backdrop set, reach out to contacts in your network, including employees, who wouldn’t mind modeling for the shoot. Before beginning, connect with everyone you have recruited and discuss what props or materials they may be able to bring (you’d be surprised at what people have laying around the house)! During the shoot, have fun and don’t rush the process. Since folks are already spending their time and energy, make sure you are taking many different shots and angles to ensure you are capturing a variety of content that gets your messaging across. By incorporating a wide range of props and outfit changes, you will be able to create a variety of diverse content in a single shoot to be spread out over time. For additional assets, leverage your network further by tapping into friends or influencers with social media pages that have an on-brand aesthetic and encourage them to capture more content. The easiest way to do this is by sending branded product mailers. Sending a branded package with on point messaging encourages contacts to take photos while re-sharing and promoting the brand to their audience. Repurposing content from others is also an easy way to create image diversity in your feed, incorporate fresh faces, and take some of the work off of your shoulders. If you are just starting out, targeting friends and smaller scale influencers may achieve the best results or, if anything, help you to iron out a few kinks in the branded mailer process before expanding to larger scale influencers and people outside of your network. People are willing to collaborate — it’s all about the approach! With these tips and tricks all stemming from your network and direct resources, creating quality content on a budget does not have to be a troubling task! People you know are almost always willing to step in and help once a clear plan is presented.

By: Lisa Faiella, Megan Duffy & Juliana Martins


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