• Brand Caretaking
  • Campaign Development
  • Social + Digital Media

EvolveMKD takes being a part of your team seriously.

EvolveMKD is a tight-knit collection of storytellers, brand builders and caretakers, data crunchers, media hounds, digital strategists, and collaborators. We operate as an extension of your team, getting to know your brand, your work, and your customers. We will work directly with you to develop an effective campaign to meet your brand’s needs and strengthen the connection between you and your customers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up looking to carve a niche for yourself or an established brand looking to make a change. We work with you to bring life to your brand and provide guidance on how and where to tell your story. We help forge relationships with influencers and customers. And we don’t just crank out material to see what sticks. We rely on a data-driven approach that will cut through the noise and make an impact with your customers.

Megan Driscoll with staff - EvolveMKDStaff at the office - EvolveMKD

Brand Caretaking

  • Brand positioning
  • Corporate and brand message development
  • Physician relations + Management
  • C-Suite message training and positioning
  • Identifying + Elevating key partnerships
  • Strong background in compliance and regulations

Campaign Development

  • Pre-market conditioning
  • Publication plan outreach + Medical meeting communications planning
  • Media relations, across traditional and new media, consumer, and trade
  • Consumer + Media events
  • Spokesperson identification + Training
  • Product seeding
  • Subscription box partnerships
  • Cross-promotional brand partnerships

Social + Digital Media

  • Platform analysis + Strategy
  • Content Development + Execution
  • Community engagement
  • Social Listening
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Weekly + Monthly analytics
  • Promotional activations (Sweepstakes, chats, partnerships)
  • Paid media / Ad campaigns

Influencer Relations

  • Influencer/Blogger Strategy
  • Proactive and Reactive Product Seeding
  • Paid Partnerships