A Look Ahead to 2017 by Megan Driscoll

megan driscoll, ceo, evolvemkd
As the owner of a “start-up” that has officially surpassed two full years in business, the beginning of 2017 afforded me an opportunity to reflect on 2016, as well as look at the year ahead. I took the time to think about what I wanted the company to accomplish as a business and as individuals in 2017. With the constant change happening in the world and media industry, it’s not only critical to set clear financial objectives but achieve the goal of being a solid corporate citizen.

To that end, we held our first “State of the Union” last month for EvolveMKD employees, where we talked about how we finished 2016 financially, highlighted areas of improvement, and discussed goals for 2017. While we had the standard revenue and profit metrics that every business looks at to gauge success, those metrics alone left me feeling uninspired as a business owner. It’s obviously important to “keep the lights on,” but I’m more inspired by less tangible goals – how do we make an impact for ourselves, our clients, each other, and the world around us? We boiled that down to four key goals for 2017:

Do Work That Makes Us Proud:

Produce quality work that is thoughtful and intentional for brands/clients that we are proud to partner with.

Make a Difference in the World:

Continue to donate 10% of our profits annually to charity; ensure that we commit to quarterly donations of “time” by the team as well. In the future, I’d love Evolve to take this to the next level by launching self-funded campaigns, like the one BBDO launched last week.

Continue to cultivate partnership:

Identify clients, employees and agency partnerships that are geared towards the long-term and are true partnerships

Be Present:

Evolve more as an agency by being completely present during every internal and external experience; move toward “uni-tasking” rather than “multi-tasking.”

The team at Evolve has embraced these goals and we’ve started the year with gusto. It’s still very much a work in progress, but we’ve set the tone for 2017 to be a year filled with amazing work, great clients, personal growth and some societal impact sprinkled in along the way.

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