Tips for Female Entrepreneurs — Megan Driscoll

CEO of EVOLVEMKD, public relations professional

In case you haven’t heard the (amazing!) news, our founder and CEO, Megan Driscoll, was recently named one of PR Week’s 40 Under 40. Megan received the accolade on the heels of ten industry award-wins, including Female Entrepreneur of the Year – and all this in less than three years after EvolveMKD opened its doors. To sum it up, Meg is #GOALS, and serves as a huge inspiration to all of us at Evolve.

We have an open-door policy at our office: The doors of the senior staff are open to you – literally and figuratively – for whatever you may need, regardless of your position. Taking advantage of this perk, three of our junior staff members sat down with Meg to learn how she earned a position on the most coveted list in the industry. Keep reading for the advice Meg would give to her 23-year-old self, her tips on how to break into the world of PR, and more. (And stay tuned for Part 2!)
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